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DC Teen Summit

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Evolve Human Movement inserted a couple of our most fearless team members into one of Washington DC’s roughest neighborhoods.

The Mission: Our nation’s youth.


SouthEast DC is a place that most people in the DC Metro area stay away from.  If you don’t have business there, you just don’t go. This is the DC equivalent of LA’s South Central, or New York’s Harlem. Southeast DC is ranked one of the most dangerous places to live in America. Widespread poverty. Overall high crime rates. Several years ago, local bus drivers were instructed to wear goggles because “rock attacks” were so prevalent.


Evolve Human Movement teamed with the Michael Walton Foundation and landed in the heart of one of Southeast’s charter schools. Charter schools receive public funding, but operate independently. Typically, charter schools have much higher college acceptance rates than neighboring public schools. To get into a charter school, parents enroll their kids in a public lottery system. If your number is drawn, you are saved from having to attend a neighboring public school… Schools where nearly 50 out of every 100 freshman drop-out by their senior year.

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While the academic programs in charter schools are better than the surrounding public schools, there aren’t many programs designed to help the kids with social and emotional development. Most of the students come from extremely poor households. Often violent households… Some don’t have parents. Some of the kids come to school hungry. Some don’t get much sleep at night because they have kids of their own.

Evolve Human Movement talked to these young men and women about overcoming obstacles and finding success through  a positive attitude and hard work.

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Brandon Copeland, a Howard University graduate and certified yoga instructor shared his story with the kids. Physical movement has the ability to generate mental and emotional clarity. Brandon Copeland is an upcoming superstar in the DC community.  Aside from his growing yoga following, Brandon gives back by offering free, outdoor yoga classes for underprivileged communities in DC.  This is a prime example of how one man can use his ability to affect positive change in the world.  One breath at a time. We are honored to have him on the EHM team, and to have him participate at this event. You can catch Brandon at in DC, MD and VA. Click here for Brandon’s schedule and events.

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16. EHM-193

19. EHM-212


18. EHM-197


The kids in this school are you and I.  They are US. They are WE. Americans. Humans. 

We spend so much time doing self-fulfilling things.

We work all day so that we can make more money, to increase some number in our bank account… We take selfless and post them online, checking throughout the day to see how many “likes” we received… Sundays come  around and we drink and eat until we can’t anymore…

Evolve Human Movement is simply asking EVERYONE to do your part, every day, to create positive change in the world.  Root-down into your community. Get to know people. Do good things. Treat people well. Buy a stranger a coffee. Smile at the person cleaning your bathrooms.  Tell a stranger they look wonderful. Know your mailman’s name…  Because the mailman, the cleaning lady, that stranger in line, and these kids in Southeast… they are us.

Service folks. How can we SERVE OTHERS? If we all asked that question every day….

Keep evolving everyone!




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