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Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s aren’t going to like this….

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More and more nutritionists and trainers are telling us to juice raw fruits and vegetables. It’s becoming common-knowledge that juicing vegetables helps with metabolism, creates organ and intestinal health, helps burn fat, etc…

But what you’re NOT being told is that the stuff you’re getting at Whole Foods and Trader-Joes is NOT providing you with benefits your body needs.

Here’s what they aren’t telling you –

Nearly all bottled juices on the shelves are pasteurized by high-pressure.

They now use a method called high-pressure processing (HPP), rather than high-heat pasteurization. The FDA doesn’t require companies to tell consumers that it is HPP’d, so companies will mask this by claiming “Never heated” or “Cold Pressure Processed” (CPP, same as HPP). It’s a sneaky attempt at tricking consumers to believe they are drinking live, raw juice. Brands like Suja, Odwalla, Naked, Lumi – they’re all using it.

All of these juices below are either pasteurized, high pressure processed, or cold pressure processed (same as HPP).

WHole Foos bottles Juice JPEG

We won’t go into detail on exactly what HPP or CPP is – you can google it, or read about it here, or here, or here…. But we’ll tell you why it’s bad!

WHY IS High Pressure Processing (HPP) BAD? 

HPP or CPP kills microorganisms and denatures (alters the state of) the live enzymes!! Drinking live enzymes is one of the most (if not, the most) beneficial reasons for drinking juice! Live enzymes are responsible for thousands of metabolic processes that sustain healthy life. Live enzymes fight disease, promote metabolism, break down sugars, burn fat, etc. Basically enzymes turn molecules into other molecules that your body can use to stay healthy.

HPP and CPP  actually don’t kill the enzymes, but live enzymes only stay alive for 5-7 days!  Because HPP and CPP kill microorganisms that stop fermentation, the juice has a shelf life of 25-30 days! The live enzymes are long gone if the juice is more than 5 days old!  You’re left with a drink that is high in Fructose. Fructose is a sugar. Fructose likes to turn into fat when it’s not used. The live enzymes in raw, unprocessed juice break-down the fructose after you drink it. They turn it into glucose where it can be easily processed. Without the enzymes, you’re drinking flavored fructose-water, putting more work on your liver, and risking fat-gain. It’s only slightly better than drinking Gatorade.


Enzyme Example – you and your significant other splurge on some delicious Pad Thai on a Sunday evening – Yum! (Who doesn’t love Pad Thai?!)

Pad Thai image

If your body is rich with healthy enzymes, it turns that Pad Thai into energy. Now you’re ready to brush your teeth and burn some calories with your partner! Yeah! 

flirty couple Pad Thai in bed

If you are operating in an enzyme-deficient body, those noodles turn into love-handles and you feel bloated and gassy. Ewww…

belly fatStinkyNO sex

Enzymes turn one molecule (Pad Thai), into another molecule (energy).

  • Live enzymes = energy.
  • No enzymes = gassy.
  • Raw Juice = Lots of live enzymes
  • HPP or CPP juice = little-no enzymes
  • Raw Juice = Sexy.
  • HPP or CPP juice = excess fat and excess farts. Ewww.

Live Enzymes = Good.

Don’t be fooled by Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!

Both WF and TJ are now selling an alternative to the bottled, HPP juices. They are selling “Cold Pressed, Raw Juices” (images below).

Whole Foods Juice_JPEGTrader Joes Juice_JPEG


These are made from conventional veggies grown with pesticides and chemicals.  And they are delivered in a highly-absorbent, liquid form… Most consumers have no idea. Even if washed, there are traces of chemicals, pesticides and inorganic compounds. You won’t die from it instantly, but ingesting inorganic, chemical compounds unlocks cancerous DNA/RNA over time.


Simple – Any raw juice, that’s less than 5 days old, that’s 100% organic.
It’s CRITICAL to choose 100% organic.

Research local Juiceries near you. If you are in Miami Beach area, Jugo-Fresh is on the recommends list. If you are in the Washington DC area, Southblock Juice Co. is the only place we recommend – sadly enough, we haven’t found another 100% organic, cold-pressed juice company in DC.

Remember –

  • 100% Organic, Cold Pressed Juice = Good
  • Cold Pressure Processed = Bad
  • High Pressure Processed = Bad
  • Pasteurized = The Worst
  • Cold Pressed juice with non-organic (conventional) veggies = Bad

We aren’t saying that Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are bad! – They have great stuff! We’re not even saying that HPP Juices are bad…
Evolve Human Movement is simply raising awareness. As consumers, we get manipulated too often! Know what goes into your body folks!

… and keep evolving everyone!


  1. Steve O'Rourke

    September 13, 2014 at 10:32 am

    Great read!!! Soon everyone will be reading evolve. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lara

    February 9, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    Jugo fresh has gone CPP so you should update your info. Another one sold to make millions! No fresh anymore

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