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Life Hack #1 – Program Your Happiness

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Alarm goes off… You immediately have two options.


Option 1 – You feel groggy. You dread going to work. You feel grouchy. You don’t make eye contact with people. You are quick to get upset at others. You’re unmotivated. You blame others for your situation. People are competitive with you.  You may not be unhappy, but you’re not happy.


Option 2 – You are experiencing happiness today. You feel positive. You’re smiling. You are sincere and genuine. You are quick to compliment people. You are likeable. You are grateful for life. You take responsibility for your happiness. People naturally want to help you.


This isn’t a trick question – Option 1, or Option 2?


If you picked Option 2, than you’re on the same side as everyone else!  We ALL want happiness!


So let’s program it.
Let’s trick ourselves to being happy.  “False motivation leads to real motivation”.
If you have an I-Phone, set your alarm with a positive reminder.
Because it’s the first thing you see when you wake up, it subtly programs your subconscious mind.


Here’s a few that we suggest –

  • “Attitude of Gratitude today “Insert your name”
  • “What are you thankful for today, “Insert your name”?
  • “You didn’t earn this day! It’s your gift – use it!”


Positivity. Happiness. Purpose. Love.

It’s not just for the movie stars and the wealthy – it’s for all of us.

Keep evolving everyone!

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