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Evolve Human Movement

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We host retreats and events to strengthen your spirit, body and mind.

Our retreats and events all differ in nature, but usually consist of the following:

  • Food / Nutrition experience – All day, every-day our retreat attendees have access to the most powerful foods on the planet. The retreat diet is designed to supply powerful nutrition for the mind and body during the retreat.
  • Daily Meditation. Daily physical movement. Daily learning. Daily adventure or recovery.
  • Fires. Waterfalls. Hilarious laughter. Oceans. Encouragement. Thrills. Breakthroughs. Nature. Visioning your future. Empowerment….. and, lots and lots of Love.

Each retreat has a unique theme, a unique location, and a unique cadre of teachers, gurus, coaches or leaders.

Don’t pick your retreat with your mind… Look at the options and pick the retreat that calls to your heart. Then take the first step and book it.

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